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The odds on a given hand vary from game to game, of course, but generally speaking from the house on the video poker is rather small, and is even 0% in some cases. Where video poker games are their business is with the players who do not follow a strategy optimal. In other words, win any given game based on a low knowledge of poker is going to cost you money.

Each variation of video poker has its own quirks when it comes to opportunities and optimum player strategy. In the next section we will give you a brief overview of the most popular games, because detailed strategy guides would take pages. If you are serious when the video poker, try the material to which we referred in our reference section. The smart players can cope very well at video poker.

Jacks or Better

The strategy for Jacks or better can be a little complicated. For further analysis please take a look at our references below, or follow this strategy guide rapid. Keep any hand that already reported. Possible exceptions, by potential value are:

* Keep a royal flush of four cards to make Straights or flushes
* A four-card straight flush inside or outside.
* A pair of high cards go here.
* The three-card Royal Flush.
* Flushes four cards.
* The base pairs are placed here, trying to build three similar
* Flushes four cards
* The four card Straights. Keep the straights inside only if you have three or more good maps (V, D, R, A).

If you do nothing that is worth money, here is a general strategy, in order of preference:

* Keep any two high cards in place. Get rid of high cards not held.
* Four high cards held in joint:
-Keep any three cards held and get rid of you without those held.
Otherwise, keep them all
* Keep any two cards which held.
* Keep any single high card.


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