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Joker Wild Video Poker

When browsing video poker games, joker wild video poker will undoubtedly surface as one of the choices. One of the more popular video poker games, joker wild video poker is a game that carefully balances strategy, skill, and quite a bit of luck. The key is to gain substantial knowledge and skill to outweigh the luck required.

What is Joker Wild Video Poker?

As is true in nearly
all slots, the name of Joker Wild Video Poker clearly denotes the cards that are most sought after. Jokers are wild, and therefore, are the cards to try to gain in order to win the easiest. However, each deck only contains one joker, making the chances of scoring this card minimal.

The Goal of Joker Wild Video Poker

Gathering the highest cards in the correct order is the object of Joker Wild Video Poker. Because Joker Wild is basically a variation of 5 Card Draw, the player must maintain 5 cards at all times, drawing more cards to make up for any that are discarded. The idea is to have the highest cards in hand, and optimize the cards value by obtaining a wild joker.

Two Versions

To keep things interesting, Joker Wild Video Poker can either be played were jacks are the minimum card to beat, or that kings or queens are the minimum. In either game, it is safe to assume that players should seek to obtain at least two jacks to score a winning hand.

Practicing Joker Wild Video Poker regularly will increase a gamblers understanding of the game and enhance their strategy. This is a simple objective to work for, as the game itself is very fun to play and challenging to boot.


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